LOOKING FOR THE BEST window tinting in Steinbach?

  • Premium Xpel Window Tint Film – 99% UV rejection, 12% IR heat rejection.
  • Ceramic Xpel Window Tint Film – 99% UV rejection, 96% IR heat rejection.

Window tinting has been around for a while, but recently technology has come a long way.

We use Xpel for our window tint film, as they are known for the best quality and technology. Recent improvements have been the addition of ceramic window tint. We are proud to offer Xpel’s XR line up of film. This gives an IR heat rejection of 96%. With that high of IR rejection, you can feel a huge difference as the sun’s heat wont be making it through. This is a big deal as it keeps your vehicle cooler, and that’s a big benefit especially as electric cars rely on battery power for a/c.

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